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Katherine May
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My art is on impulse, I have a feeling and begin to paint what I feel. I do not usually have a subjective purpose but work rather on emotion. That is pretty much all it comes down too, I am influenced by emotions and the rest of the work just comes naturally.

I have recently noticed that I have attention to detail, from the moment I prime my canvas, right down to the last stroke of what ever instrument I am using at the time, be it a paint brush, spatula, or tooth pick. I believe this is directly related to my time in the Royal Australian Navy.

I am a huge fan of Jackson Pollock, and after numerous failed attempts I have finally realised I will never be able to recreate what he did. Whilst I was finding my technique, I used and disposed of so many canvas. Frustration lead me to throw them away at times , then one day it came to me.

I started working with what I had and I still get thorough enjoyment from painting, just as I hope you do.

I look forward to hearing from you


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  • Uncanny
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  • Sold- Mini Me
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  • Sold- When the rush comes
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