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Zohar Israel Edelshtein
* Bsc Biochemistry and Food Science
* Msc Plant Microbiology
* Certificate Clinical Research Administrator

My work was born as means of self healing, where illness turned into a personal and spiritual revelation.
Life walks us through a wide range of experiences.
It is said, "When the unthinkable becomes thinkable, reality becomes unbearable to the human heart".
My journey into art was one of finding the ability to be when the unacceptable in my reality, became acceptable.

My work is mixed media art and poetry to each art piece, which was written in Hebrew.
It speaks deeply of different states of feeling in human consciousness and of the different core dualities in human existence.
In my art, I use many different materials and recyclables, such as pieces of wood, weirs, plaster, acrylics, egg cartons, cotton, and seashells to Hebrew Scriptures, which I pick up all over the place.
This versatility in materials, allows me to correlate and express in each work the connection between the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual in each state of feeling.
With time, I have learned to listen dearly to myself and to whom ever is around me. My wish is for my work to be viewed simply and attentively.


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  • Being
To Be
  • To Be
  • Self
  • Touch
  • Wish
  • Sparked
I Shell/ Shall
  • I Shell/ Shall
  • Beloved
  • Gratitude
  • Awaits
In silence.
  • In silence.
  • Birth
  • Breath
  • Emergence