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Seya Hashemi
My name is Seya Hashemi. I was born in Sharray which is a small city near the capital of Iran, Tehran.

When I was a child, I always used to watch my father draw pictures of a small fox. While watching him, I practiced hard and knew I had to draw the fox better than he could. Even in those days, I would walk around gazing intensely at everything whilst paying special attention to colour.

To this day, my artwork is based mostly on my dreams which I never forget. Many times, I have been compelled to wake up at three O’clock in the morning and begin to create what I have just dreamt about. Therefore, all my paintings and drawings are original compositions without the use of models, photographs, objects or backgrounds.

Due to my father’s influence, I grew up always wanting to be a great artist or famous painter. I believe that by continually utilizing my imagination and transferring it onto the canvas, I can bring my dreams to reality. Hopefully, some day my childhood dream for the future will be realized.


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Triple Tulips
  • Triple Tulips
  • Sunlight
Stone Thrown into the Water
  • Stone Thrown into the Water
Red Tulips under a Black Sky
  • Red Tulips under a Black Sky
Red Sea 2
  • Red Sea 2
Red Sea 1
  • Red Sea 1
Purple and Yellow Tulips
  • Purple and Yellow Tulips
  • Mirage
  • Feathers
Face 2
  • Face 2
Face 1
  • Face 1
A Farm
  • A Farm
  • Branches
Sunlight 2
  • Sunlight 2
  • Sunlight
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